Table of Authorities Generator

With the ezBriefs Microsoft Word Add-In, you can now automatically generate a Table of Authority with the click of a button. With our one-click TOA (once the use has set their formatting preferences), ezBriefs automatically finds and marks all the cited authority within the brief, applies any formatting preferences, and inserts the Table of Authorities where specified by the user. The whole process takes seconds.

Additional features include the ability to select and set formatting preferences, selecting rules of form, checking for potential formatting issues with citations (we compare citations within the brief against our case law database and recommend potential fixes), adding new authority after the Table of Authorities has been generated, viewing cited cases in our side-by-side viewer directly from the convenience of Microsoft Word.

Key Features

  • Automated Case FinderezBriefs automatically finds and adds links to cited authority.
  • Automated Table of Authorities GeneratorezBriefs, a Word Add-In tool, automatically generates native TA entries and is accessible and editable offline.
  • Improperly Cited Case Finder – By using our complete case law database of over 9M published and unpublished opinion documents, ezBriefs identifies improperly formatted citations within the brief and suggests potential fixes. In some cases, we will let you know that the case cited in the brief is potentially citing the wrong reporter, volume or page numbers.

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