Interactive Artificial Intelligence that Transforms the Way Busy Lawyers Do Legal Research​

Now you can augment your legal research abilities with the power and control of Benchly to quickly find accurate points of law that experts often miss.

Benchly’s interactive artificial intelligence mimics the human process of reading, identifies patterns in text and quickly returns up to 100 additional terms or phrases that are conceptually relevant with snippets from the related legal documents. Built in collaboration keeps everyone on the same page and organized.  Benchly streamlines your legal research workflow and improves efficiency by up to 30%.

Our Platform​

Fast, Easy and Forgiving

  • Can be up and going in minutes not days.
  • Is easy to use and understand.
  • Is intuitive to navigate.
  • Doesn’t require hours or days of training in case law research or boolean logic.
  • Is very forgiving. It is hard to mess up a search.

Powerful Artificial Intelligence

The Brain that you can Train

  • Users can interact with search term queries, thus eliminating non-value concepts before the document set is returned.
  • AI focuses on conceptual relevancy rather than a single item.
  • Finds term correlations across a legal document set.
  • Reduces search time and expense resulting from over-inclusive document retrieval.
  • Gives users the flexibility to see and select only the precise concepts related to their query.
Legal Research Pricing

Built-in Collaboration Tools

Stop wasting time looking for email communication

  • Makes it easy to contribute and share the meaningful content across research teams.
  • Eliminates duplication of work effort. Ensures focused, efficient workflow.
  • Enables effective oversite of search terms and concepts used to derive final work product.
  • Allows for annotations on legal documents to be shared with group or to be kept private.
  • Allows comments to be left behind for reminders and notes, which can be shared with others.

Who Uses Benchly’s Legal Research Software?

Law Firms – Our game changing software is not only more cost effective it will also cut your legal research hours significantly.

Lawyers – Small law firms with one to two lawyers can feel like they have a whole team of legal researchers at their fingertips.

Law Schools – Our competitive pricing without sacrificing software features makes this a great tool for any law school curriculum.

Law Students – Our revolutionary search tool will make case law research for students painless.

“The power of the concept search bar is phenomenal – actually, it’s unique.” Carol Wilson Legal Research Assistant

See Why Our Legal Research Software Is Transformational

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