Quick Start

Select Rules;

Rules of Authority

Select from Bluebook and Texas Greenbook (more states to follow soon).

Find, Highlight & Review;


Click Find on the ezBriefs’ ribbon to automatically find and highlight all cited authority within the brief.


You can toggle Highlighting on and off or change the color.


Your cited authority will be displayed on the right-hand panel with a click of a button.

Add Authority Section;

Add Authority Section

You can add additional authority sections if they were not identified automatically. Click Add Section, then select the name of the authority from the list provided. If the one you are looking for is not there, you can select a custom section and name it yourself. You can also select the order each section appears in the TOA by dragging the tabs into the order you would like.

Add, Delete Authority;

Add Authority

You can Add case citations, statutes, rules or other authority here. Just click on the appropriate tab section, then highlight the entry you would like to add and click the ADD button.

Delete Authority

You can Delete found case citations, statutes, rules or other authority here. Just click on the appropriate tab section, then select the entry you would like to remove and click the DELETE button. Deleting does not remove it from the body of the brief, just from the Table of Authorities.

Confirm Citations;


Click on the CONFIRM button to check that your case citations are formatted properly and that there are no typos. We compare what is cited in your brief against our case law database as well as other databases to alert you when there may be a potential issue with a citation.

Format TOA;

To format all aspects of your TOA, click on the Table of Authorities button on the ribbon, which will open the formatting options in the left hand panel. Your options are as follows:


Positioning: Select where you want your TOA inserted, at the current cursor position or at the beginning of the document.

Page Numbering: Choose your numbering preferences.

Title: Add your TOA title here and select the style of that title.


Section Heading Format: Format your section headings here.


Style and Formatting: Choose the style and format of your TOA entries.

Line Breaks: Select how you want your TOA entries to look. Choose from line breaks after the title and before petition history.

Insert Table;

Once you have made your formatting selections, simply click on the Insert Table button in the formatting panel. 

Rescan & Reset;


You will only select to Rescan your document if you have already performed a Find or Insert TOA and have added content that contains cited authority to your brief subsequent to that Find or Insertion. Once you have performed the Rescan, you will then click on Update TOA to complete the process.


You will only select to Reset your document if you have added new sections, removed whole sections or moved sections within your brief after having performed the initial Find or Insert TOA. Resetting the document will delete all previous ezBriefs’ automation and allow you to start with a clean document. After resetting your document, you will need to perform a Find or Insert Table to begin the process again. 

Update Table;


You will use Update TOA to update all fields in the TOA if you have added or removed any cited authority using the Review panel after an initial insert table has been done. You will also use the Update TOA after a Rescan has been completed.

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