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Benchly, Inc. is a pioneering legal technology company. Our team has been building cutting edge technologies in the legal space for over eight years, from eDiscovery processing tools, document review platforms, to enhanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technologies. We leveraged that experience and past innovations when creating ezBriefs.

Our technology deployments are geared to helping law firms and their lawyers improve efficiencies, reduce cost, and improve outcomes for their clients. Our innovative tools address some of the most basic functions lawyers deal with on a daily basis, yet these functions are primarily still performed manually, very time consuming and arduous at best.

ezBriefs was built to assist lawyers and paralegals alike with this process, whether it is for automatically generating Tables of Authorities for their brief or for being able to review opposing counsel’s briefs faster.

Our solutions are simple to understand, easy to use, and inexpensive. They allow you to spend more time doing high value work related to winning cases instead of spending that time doing the tedious monotonous task that could be expedited using our technology.

Our mission is to provide solutions that are simple to understand, easier to use, and less expensive than our high-priced counterparts. ezBriefs is the most comprehensive technologically advanced solution of its kind on the market.

ezBriefs allows you to spend more time doing high value work related to winning cases instead of spending that time doing the tedious, monotonous task that could be expedited using our technology.

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Our Solutions

Automatically Generate TOA and Validate Authority

Through the ezBriefs' Microsoft Word Add-In, we have automated one of the most basic, yet time-consuming tasks associated with creating a brief, which is building a Table of Authorities. Creating Tables of Authorities is typically a time-consuming manual process using Microsoft Word's built-in reference tools for marking primary and subsequent citations. This still requires someone to manually find, highlight, and then mark with a "TA" entry each citation within a document. This process takes approximately 90 minutes on an average-sized brief.

ezBriefs, cuts that time exponentially. From the ezBriefs' menu in the Microsoft Word ribbon, the user can automatically find all of the cited authority in the brief. This takes seconds. The user can set their formatting preferences (in the left task pane), then save those preferences for later use. The user then can review and edit the cited authority found (in the right task pane), including improperly formatted citations automatically identified by comparing found citations within our case law database. Once reviewed, all that is left is a click of a button.

Once preferences have been saved, and assuming properly formatted cites, future Tables of Authorities can be created in seconds. 

The user clicks on "Table Builder" on the Ribbon, then "Insert Table" in the left task pane, and then like magic, the Table of Authorities is finished. The whole process from beginning to end takes no more than a few seconds.

Review Opposing Counsel's Briefs Faster

With ezBriefs, reviewing opposing counsel’s briefs or motions has never been easier or faster. Simply click the Upload button right from within our Microsoft Word Add-In ribbon, select the opposing counsel’s brief (Word or PDF) and we will do the rest. In seconds, we will identify all cited authority found in the brief.

With ezBriefs, you will no longer need to spend time with the archaic manual process of finding, identifying, searching, and printing cited authority found in opposing counsel’s briefs and motions. We do it for you, fast.

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