Frustrated with the tedious task associated with finding, printing, annotating, and sharing caselaw authority cited in briefs, motions, and pleadings? ezBriefs by Benchly is here to help. This valuable time saving tool cuts costs considerably by eliminating the frustrating/tedious manual tasks of finding all the citations in a document, searching for each one of the cited cases in your research platform, collecting the cases into a single, usable folder, and printing each one for annotation and sharing with team members.

Key Features

 Hyperlinks automatically added to cited cases in the brief, saves valuable time.
 ezBriefs Viewer provides a side by side reading panel for the brief and cited case authority.
 Save time using ezBriefs batch printing feature.
 Link Resolver is our proprietary tool that recognizes improperly formatted cites so you don’t have to.
 Annotate cases and share comments within our platform to improve team collaboration.

Hyperlinks to cited authority

ezBRIEFS automatically creates and adds hyperlinks to cited caselaw authority within your uploaded briefs. Simply click on a hyperlink to go directly to a cited case where you can view, annotate, share or batch print.

Side-by-Side Viewer

Just upload your brief, and like magic, you can simultaneously view the brief side-by-side with the hyperlinked cited authority, allowing you to stay focused by not having to switch back and forth between the two documents. From here, you can also take advantage of our built-in collaboration tools, case review tools, and citator, thereby streamlining your brief review process and improving team communications.

Batch Printing

Eliminate the tedious and time-consuming task of manually finding and individually printing each cited case. Instantly select one or all cited cases in the brief to be printed with the click of a button. Print in single or dual column and select whether to print in table of authorities order or in the order the citations appear in the brief.

Link Resolver

As you know, improperly formatted cites can be difficult to identify and time consuming to find. Our Link Resolver is designed to expedite this process and allows you to make sure the link is set to the correct case. In this instance, the author forgot to add the “at” but our Link Resolver recognized this and suggested the correct case.